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Computer Systems Engineer

Office Desk
Affinity Residential Care LLC seeks Computer Systems Engineer with Bachelor’s degree
in Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or a related field
and six months of experience designing and developing applications/solutions for product
Job duties: responsible for designing and developing solutions to complex applications
and computer problems. Specific duties include (1) modifying existing software
applications to correct technical errors and adapt it to new hardware or interface; (2)
designing and developing process control algorithms and processes; (3) writing code and
scripts for applications; (4) installing, maintaining, and testing applications, patches, and
fixes; (5) identifying system data, hardware, or software components required to meet
user needs; (6) performing security analyses of developed or packaged software
components; (7) providing technical guidance or support for the development or
troubleshooting of systems; (8) documenting design specifications, processes, procedures
and other system-related information; and (9) performing related computer systems and
software engineering duties.
Please send cover letter and resume to 8053 E Bloomington Fwy., Suite 500,
Minneapolis, MN 55420
Your Next Steps...

If this sounds like your kind of position, Please send cover letter and resume to 8053 E Bloomington Fwy., Suite 500,Minneapolis, MN 55420

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