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Nurturing independence, thriving together

At Affinity Care, we believe in the power of community. Our dedicated staff is here to support residents in various aspects of their daily lives, from community participation and accessing resources to health, safety, and wellness.


Supportive Apartment Program

ICS is an independent supportive housing program for adults with disabilities. The ICS program is centered around the client’s home and community and services are provided that meet the client's goals to maintain independence in the community.


ICS is delivered in an apartment setting, with each client having their own individual unit (kitchen , bathroom, bedroom). ICS services can be provided for up to 24 hours a day if needed and other supportive services can be coordinated such as nursing and home care if needed. 

At our supportive housing program, we prioritize creating a nurturing and empowering environment for our participants. We understand the importance of having a place to call home, which is why we provide clean, comfortable, and safe apartments that individuals and families can truly make their own.

What sets our supportive housing program apart is the unwavering support that our Affinity Care staff provides. They are there every step of the way, ensuring that individuals have access to the assistance and resources they need to thrive. From personalized care plans to emotional support, our staff members are dedicated to helping our participants reach their full potential.

What Services are Offered?

Our organization is committed to providing a wide range of supportive services directly to individuals in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. These services have a primary focus on promoting independence, supporting individuals in achieving their personal goals, facilitating the attainment and maintenance of secure housing, and effectively reducing the need for crisis intervention. Here are some of the key services we offer:

Community Participation

Our dedicated Affinity Care staff are here to support you in fully engaging with and exploring your community. They can assist you in navigating the community safely, accessing available resources, and meeting your transportation needs. Our staff are also ready to help you participate in leisure activities, recreation, and socialization, ensuring that you have opportunities to connect with others and enjoy your favorite pastimes.

Health, Safety, and Wellness

Your well-being is our top priority. Our staff work collaboratively with you to arrange healthcare appointments, social services, and other necessary meetings. They provide the support you need to complete self-care activities, including Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). With a commitment to helping you achieve your health, safety, and wellness goals, our staff are always there to lend a helping hand.

Household Management

Maintaining a well-managed household is made easier with the support of our Affinity Care staff. They can provide cueing, guidance, supervision, training, and instruction to help you with routine household care and maintenance. Our staff have specialized knowledge in household safety and can offer skills training to ensure a secure living environment. Additionally, they assist you with financial budgeting, offering training, assistance, and guidance. From cooking and meal-planning to developing healthy lifestyle skills and managing household chores, including minor maintenance activities, our staff are here to assist you every step of the way.

Adaptive Skills

Our Affinity Care staff are dedicated to empowering you with the necessary skills to navigate challenges and thrive. They encourage and train you in crisis prevention skills, helping you implement positive support strategies and problem-solving techniques. Through coaching and guidance, our staff support your journey towards self-sufficiency and assist you in increasing positive behaviors that contribute to your overall well-being.


Our services are available to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Age: You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for our programs.

  • Mental Illness, Brain Injury, or Disability: Our services are designed to support individuals who are experiencing mental illness, brain injury, or other disabilities. We understand the unique challenges that these conditions may present, and our programs are tailored to address and accommodate these specific needs.

  • Active Participation: We value your active involvement in your own journey towards well-being and success. To benefit from our programs, you should be willing to actively participate in setting and working towards your desired goals. We believe in collaboration and partnership, where your input and aspirations play a crucial role in shaping the support you receive.

Application Process

  • Public Funding Availability: For individuals who qualify, public funding is available through various waiver programs such as the Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) waiver or the Brain Injury (BI) waiver, CAC, DD. These public funding options can help cover the costs associated with our services. 

  • Private Payment: If you do not qualify for public funding through waiver programs, you still have the option to access our services by paying privately. We understand that not everyone may meet the criteria for public funding, and we are committed to ensuring that our services remain accessible to those who need them.

Our team of intake specialists and program coordinators will support the applicant and their support team through the following steps:


Submit Referral/Housing Application with supporting documents.


After passing the initial screening, the applicant and their support team will be invited to a Meet & Greet Tour.


Following recommendation from our program coordinator, we will begin the intake process. This includes:

  • Financial review

  • Complete physical and provide documents signed provider

  • Schedule intake assessment meeting.


Complete Assessment Meeting and provider personal documents (birth certificate, MN ID, etc.)


Schedule move-in date and prepare final needs (transitional services, rent/deposit monies, any missing documentation, etc.)


Sign lease and move in.

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