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Enhancing quality of life in our community.

Affinity Care MN provides a variety of services and supports and is committed to connecting the people we serve to resources to improve their lives in order to reach their greatest potential.

Affinity, in essence, is a natural connection...

Affinity Care MN (Affinity Residential Care) is a home and community-based services provider in the metro area of Minnesota. 


We're a licensed organization designed to provide residential and in-home support for individuals using the Community Alternative for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Brain Injury (BI), and Elderly and Alternative Care (EW & AC) waivers.


How we serve

Our organization maintains an unyielding focus on providing quality services to all individuals that we serve.


Our Vision

To eradicate disparities while cultivating a Meaningful Life

Our Mission

To holistically enhance the quality of life of people in our community that have mental and physical disabilities while preserving their dignity and fostering compassion.

Core Values

We are Compassionate

We are Capable

We are Receptive

We are Respectful

We are Motivated

We are Dependable

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